Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow It has been a long time again!

Hello everyone that follows this blog. I bet most of you have given up on seeing a new post from us since it has been 5 months since we have posted anything new but quite a bit has happened since then that I need to catch you up on. So Heidi Graduated from Utah State University with a Degree in Family Consumer Human Development in December. We then turned over our fun trailer that we lived in for four years to the university and moved in with my parents in huntsville. I started a new job in December Doing sales for a theatre Janitorial company in Ogden. I am loving my job!! While we were living at my parents we were looking to buy a house and we found one in North Ogden. We bought it and just moved in the first of april. We are loving the new house and things are going great. I hope to post some pictures soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Love Halloween

I know I shouldn't get into Halloween as much as I do but this year I decided it is definetly one of my favorite Holidays, carving pumpkins, trick or treaty, and dressing up you can't beat this fun holiday. We did pumpkin carving a little early this year but all Bridger wanted to do with them is sit on them. It was so cute, he thought he was so smart by figuring out that they were the perfect size for him to sit on. Once we showed him what to do with the pumpkin he slowly but surely got into cleaning out and playing with the seeds and junk that is inside the pumpkin.

Since I love to dress up I decided it would be super fun to make my sister and her husband dress up with us. They live here in Logan so I was able to convince them to and also convince them to help with the making of the costumes, it worked out perfectly.

Trick or treating was so much fun this year. Bridger didn't know what to exactly think but he definitely knew what we were collecting. Everytime someone came to the door he would grin and not want to leave, he wanted to stay right there and eat the piece of candy that he received. So after a few houses we learned the trick of putting it into another bag so he would forget about it and look at everything else that was going on. This neighborhood was packed with children it was so fun to see the different costumes.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back To Utah

Well we made it back to utah. It was a long drive back from pittsburgh but we did it and it feels great to be home. Heidi starts her last semester of college tomorrow so she can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. She is going to be super busy this semester so I am going to be the stay at home dad for a little while which will be fun cause bridger is so darn cute. He was so excited to see the toys that we had left home over the summer he just plays all day long.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

moving to Pittsburgh

Well i know it has been a while since we updated our blog. It has been a busy time with work and heidi doing online classes and having family out here visiting us but we are doing well. We are going to be moving to pittsburgh to finish the summer there because rochester was just too small to keep us busy for the whole summer so we are going to get a fresh start there for a few more weeks before the summer ends. We have a ton of new pictures to share and videos of some of the things we were able to do here but I don't have time to post them and we won't have internet in pittsburgh so we will do a big post at the end of the summer with all that happened here. until then this will have to do.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 New Discovery's that Bridger Loves

1. Empty cupboards
Coming out in one car was not so easy, leaving all the things we might need behind. However, it does have its benefits, not having alot of kitchen supplies we were able to leave all the bottom cupboards empty and Bridger soon found out that it is a fun place to play. This is what he does all day. Well, either this or walks around the kitchen wall all day. Our kitchen has two openings, one that connects to the family room and one that connects to the hallway. So he just walks around and around the same direction.

2. Popsicles
Bridger is so much like Eric it is amazing. As soon as Eric has got something Bridger is over begging for it. So coming back from the beach Eric decided to give Bridger one, as soon as we put it in his mouth he would not shut his mouth because it was so cold. After that one little taste he can't get enough. When the popsicle is gone he starts crying for more...(mmmmm) is what he does.

3. Sand
This was the first time we had Bridger play in the sand and he loved it. At first he tried to eat it and then as soon as he tasted it, we had no more problems with him eating it anymore. Since we were going to the beach we knew we just had to have some sand toys for him so we got a great deal at Toys R Us as Eric claims. But Bridger was not the only one that loved the toys these two boys kept fighting over the big shovel. Eric kept claiming it was to big for him but I know why he kept saying that because he wanted to dig with it....It was a beautiful and fun day to be at the beach. Eric kept digging holes and Bridger would climb in them and get really excited when Eric would dump water into them. (see video at the end of this post)

4. Tideus
One of the sales rep has the cutest dog. This little dog is just so chill and loved Bridger. Well when we were protectingTideus from Bridger squizzing him to tight. Anytime I was holding Tideus, Bridger came up with his arms out to hug the puppy. The only bad thing with this was that Bridger would wrap his arms around the neck (Second picture down) and the puppy didn't appreciate that to much.

5. Sundays with Daddy.
This past Sunday we got to go to a State Park, I can't remember the name of it but it also goes by the Grand Canyon of the East, funny huh? It was absoluty beautiful. It had three main waterfalls, beautiful spots to see the river down in the canyon, and green thick forests. Bridger loved this to, not so much the waterfalls but all the people and their dogs he got to watch. As well as walking with his dad down stairs, he would stumble down them and just giggle as they got to the next one.
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Tried some new things, so don't get sick watching it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


So, we have made it through another week of summer sales. This past week....

We made a new friend. At first we thought he was a peeping tom looking through our bedroom window but he just wanted to be friends. This animal thing as I call it lives right outside our window and likes to come say hi about once a day. Bridger loves it but it truly freaks me out. He stands up like this and really looks in the window for about ten to fifteen minutes a day. One day I had the window open and that really freaked me out. Our window for some reason doesn't have a screen on so I was worried he was going to try to be our new pet. (Does anyone know what this is...(dad))

Bridger has learned that he loves to climb in and out of things, especially things he is not supposed to. This is my filing box that I keep all my paperwork in. He has learned to take of the lid and he can move the files out of the way and climb in and pretend like he is fishing or something. See the metal bar in his hand that is suppose to be holding the files this is his new favorite toy. He stands in the box and hits the floor with it. He also loves to carry it around and hit anything that gets in his way his toys, sales reps, techs, and what ever he might find.

I have learned what a Lilac is. Today we went to the Lilac Festival here in Rochester. It is suppose to be a pretty big event so we wanted to check it out. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and the people here are so interesting. In this festival we got to see tons of lilac's, craft booths, mini rides, and people Eric tried to sale. Eric has the best memory as we walked around he started talking to someone that he had tried to sale. Most people wouldn't remember or feel silly talking to them again but not Eric he was trying to sale them again. Oh of the booths they had was for 4-H. It was a dog training program that the 4-H puts on. This was Bridger's favorite booth.
It had all sorts of dogs that Bridger loved to watch
as they raced the dogs on a course and did tricks.

As Eric was reading what I was about to post he started chuckling. So I asked him why he was laughing. When he says nothing that is the first hint that my southern ancient (accent(how would i live without him)) came out and I say something different. Okay it is really not the southern accent it just that I talk funny. So Smith's this is for you...Here is another word to add to the journal of words I say wrong. He just taught me that it is not exspecially it is just especially. Who would have thought...all these years and nobody has corrected me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rochester New York

After 32 hours of driving I would say we look pretty happy to have arrived in rochester ny at our new apartments. We are here for another funfilled summer of selling security systems.

Yep thats right bridger has hit a new milestone. About 2 weeks ago right before we left logan he started walking on his own. He enjoys his trip everyday from our apartment to the office where I do my work. We only live 2 buildings away from the office but with bridger always wanting to stop and explore everything it takes about 15 minutes to get there.
On this special day of walking home Bridger kept falling. Ever since he started walking he thinks he can conquer anything. So, he would walk up on the grass and it slants a little bit so he would fall everytime. By about the third time he was so mad that he had fallen again. Making his grumpy face trying to stand back up I couldn't help it all i could do was laugh. As soon as he saw me laughing he started to laugh. So now it has become a game he loves to make people laugh. So as soon as we both would stop laughing he would walk over to the grass and fall again and look at me for approval and start laughing.

Bridger always finds new things to play with at the office. I bring lots of toys there for him but what he finds there is what he enjoys most. He pushed it, climbed on top and in the box keeping him occupied for an hour as I worked. He was having so much fun with this box we brought it home for him to do some more exploring with. He is at such a fun age, so curious about everything.

Panicking because i had no idea where Bridger was when I turned around to find him all of a sudden i heard something hit my chair I was sitting on. I looked under and this is what I saw. It was so cute he was just pushing his little car in and out of the legs of the chair.