Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow It has been a long time again!

Hello everyone that follows this blog. I bet most of you have given up on seeing a new post from us since it has been 5 months since we have posted anything new but quite a bit has happened since then that I need to catch you up on. So Heidi Graduated from Utah State University with a Degree in Family Consumer Human Development in December. We then turned over our fun trailer that we lived in for four years to the university and moved in with my parents in huntsville. I started a new job in December Doing sales for a theatre Janitorial company in Ogden. I am loving my job!! While we were living at my parents we were looking to buy a house and we found one in North Ogden. We bought it and just moved in the first of april. We are loving the new house and things are going great. I hope to post some pictures soon.

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